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This is our new exclusive Limited edition headband * Limited to 5 pieces  *Premium 10.5 oz denim * Terrycloth backing * Orda66 stickers /mask decals with purchase  *ship 12/28 with USPS tracking   

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ORDER YOUR PREDATOR CRIMSON / BLUE FROST *3 PACK NOW FOR DELIVERY BEFORE WC *INBOX FOR DELIVERY @ EVENT #orda66paintball #reporda66 #dontsleep #jointhemovement #clothingbrand #paintballinspiredapparel

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Love blue 🔵? Check out our new @orda66paintball collections in the shops @ • @range_fua design long sleeve $30 • Rude Bwoii tank (Blue Frost) $25 • Rude Gyal Racer back tank top (Blue Frost) $25 • Predator pod pack ( Blue Frost) $80 • Predator (Blue Frost ) denim headband $60 #orda66paintball #reporda66 #dontsleep #clothingbrand #paintballinspiredapparel #jointhemovement #supportlocal

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