Splattfest at Grc’s Battle of Bunker Hill

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Splattfest at Grc’s Battle of Bunker Hill

Splatfest at GRC's Battle of Bunker Hill in Angelica, NY on August 7th.

Here's what you'll need to know.

A full 10x20 stage is being built by professionals on location.

Bands keep 100% of ticket sales, price TBD (either $15 or $20 each, but price needs to be consistent across the board)

$50 from the house to each band, plus 1 case of paint per band, (2000 shots) and free field time (including gear) on sunday if you wish

Camping included friday and saturday nights

Food vendors will be available


Any further questions may be directed to

Brandon Zampi 315-401-5489


Jordan Kobo 315-760-0046

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